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Are you looking for interactive, engaging and informative talks and training that transform things for good?  Welcome, you are in the right place.

Would you love excellent talks and next level personalised training programs that are custom designed for you and your audience, to catalyse, ignite and inspire? Feel free to contact Michelle Jacobs today to discuss your needs.

Are you wondering what makes Transformational Talks and Training awesome?  Michelle Jacobs has been providing exceptional services to the corporate, NGO, government and public sectors since 1993.  Her experience spans successfully facilitating high performance teams, delivering large scale complex programmes, starting up and developing useful businesses and high value business opportunities. Her specialities include dynamic group interactions, skilful group conflict mitigation and resolution, integrative communication and next level leadership in the areas of innovation, creativity and alchemy.

 Michelle's messages are powerful, authentic and rock solid in their ability to translate into actionable steps, moving your investment beyond simply spending into the areas of asset building and value creation, enabling a good return on your good decision - to build your people - and transform the level and ways in which they are able to build your business. 

The vision of every transformational talk and training program is to ignite and awaken audiences  at all levels to shift into their next level of God given talent, power and ability, so that we may all do our part in changing our world for good.

Every audience member and participant is invited to look at the evidence of different ways to move forward themselves, and are encouraged to use their own wisdom and intuition to select the best way to step change, immediately.  There does not need to be any delay, while recognising we are of course human, and this is a journey.  The reality of reaching our highest potential is in reach, and we are able to impact and influence more people as we step into our own power and enable others to do the same.  Each of us is unique, but our challenges are often a meeting place for shared collaboration and problem solving.

Expect real results for every encounter you book,.

Transform Their Mindset and Behaviours to Enjoy Greater Overall Health and Holistic Wellbeing while Working to Improve Life and Business Strength, Balance and Vitality.

We do this so you can serve your life, your business and your customers more innovatively, enjoyably and sustainably.

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